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View Jubal Lee Young's EPK

“Using the cliché ‘The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree’ one can certainly hear that the bloodline from Jubal's father, Steve Young, to Jubal has not strayed.

On his third album Jubal Lee has captured Love - Loss - Freedom - Pain and Fantasy! With a Folk/Troubadour blend "The Last Free Place in America" will surely keep you smiling, lamenting and day dreaming.”

- Rick Heysquierdo, Host of Lone Star Jukebox, KPFT - Houston

"Jubal Lee Young makes genuine top class Americana country-rock; melodic, story-telling and attention-seeking. It reminds me of a young Steve Earle and I'm convinced that this is just the beginning of a smashing career....."
- Magnus Sundell, Trots Allt

"He's such a great singer... I think the songs are real, real good. I am a fan."
- Mary Gauthier, Singer/Songwriter

"Open Letter to Steve Young: Hey man, your boy rocks!"
- Kevin Welch, Singer/Songwriter

"His songs imply a reckless background, and when he bites into a Dylanesque rocker like "Greed Is the Creed," he shows a fierceness that can't be faked."
- Michael McCall, Nashville Scene

"Young's vocals are strong and one is reminded at times of a young Steve Earle."
"...echoes of Steve Stills in his heyday."
- Paul Kerr,

"Here you have one of the finest singers that the Americana genre has produced. He's got that elusive thing, a sound. When he opens his mouth, what comes out just sounds good."
- Frank Goodman,

"Jubal goes out on the edge and doesn't just survive, He triumphs. There is an acceptance of The Great What Is, an unflinching attitude that blossoms into a flat-out joy in being alive."
- David Olney, Singer/Songwriter

"[Young] follows the steps of his father, folding folk and rock into gritty tunes that embody the spirit of vintage '70s country soul."
- Kathy Justice, Independent Weekly

"It is extremely difficult to classify Jubal Lee Young's music on his new album. There are some strong singer/songwriter-influences meeting rootsy country-rock with a little bit of blues and Irish folk. But, hey, you can call it what you want - It's a bloody great album!"
- Steve Braun, Home Of Rock

"Jubal Lee Young has created a classic, timeless album, with the emphasis on traditional singer-songwriter rock, with a little bit of plain ol' country music thrown in, a small nod to some Texas-blues, and a great love for classic, hook-laden pop music. And for once, the sound really matches the songs in quality - Brilliant!"

- Ola Karlsson, Smålandsposten

" wouldn't need to know anything about Jubal Lee Young's antecedents to recognize a major talent here."
- Richard Dobson, Singer/Songwriter

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