Bloom, Lily, Bloom
Jubal Lee Young
© 2005, Tellico Music (BMI)

Lily left the east side
Bound to see the whole wide world
Who knew dreams could grow so big
In the soul of such a little girl?
Then she just kind of lost her way back home
Met a blue-eyed man and settled down
But he didn’t really understand
Like the rest of this heartless border town

Lily when this world matches your beauty with in difference and gloom
Keep on reaching for the sky anyway and bloom, Lily, bloom

Lily knew where she came from was gone
And where she was bound wasn’t really there
She was just looking for a place to be
But had yet to find it anywhere
And what good was being anyplace
If you couldn’t get away
Soon that beautiful world began to turn
A little more cold and grey

Lily, don’t let the passionless convince to give up your dreams too soon
Just smile and make your own sunshine and bloom, Lily, bloom

Though you may find weeds and stones cluttering your garden
Just remember that poetry won’t come from a heart that is too hardened

Lily, sometimes you just have to grow where you’re planted though the shadows loom
Beauty always finds a way to be so bloom, Lily, bloom
Just smile and make your own sunshine and bloom, Lily, bloom

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